Aces & Eights Multihand Video Poker Basics for Online Casino Players

Aces & Eights Multihand by Real Time Gaming offers a different gaming experience, and attracts thousands of players every day in all countries of the world. This game has a game structure and innovative rules and themes that are favourable to players of all ages.

You will find that there are different versions of Aces & Eights Multihand on the internet, but the Real Time Gaming Aces & Eights Multihand is definitely one of the most popular forms of the game played at any online casino. One of the reasons for its popularity is due to the bonuses and jackpots that are offered, and which will give some great rewards.

Some Huge Wins can be Made

The rules for Aces & Eights Multihand are quickly learnt, and players will enjoy playing the game for years to come. The first Aces & Eights video poker games were introduced on the internet in 1998, and by 2010 there were more than five hundred online casinos around the world featuring this game, and showing that forty million people are playing this game daily. Aces & Eights is a surprising and exciting variation that lets you play up to fifty two hands at once, so you have up to fifty two opportunities for big wins. There are certainly some huge payouts that are won, as Aces & Eights Multihand pays out 250 times your bet for a Royal Flush, and 80 times your bet for Four Aces or four Eights, and that is when you only bet the minimum. These winnings will increase, of course if you bet the maximum, and a Royal flush when you have bet the maximum will pay out a massive four thousand times your bet.

How to Play

To play this game you select the denomination of credits you want to play with, but that does not mean that is your final bet. You will have the chance to bet more credits as you place your bet. Higher denominations will lead to higher bets. You decide on a denomination and the next step is to click on the number of hands you want to play.

Click the Play button and the casino game will reload with the credit denomination displayed and the number of hands of cards that you selected face down on the table. You click Deal to see your cards. You keep as many as you like by clicking on them until the word Hold appears. Those cards get added to each hand on the board. You click on the button Draw to replace the discarded cards with new ones. You will then be paid out an amount based on the hands you are holding.

So Many Winning Chances

Playing up to fifty-two hands at once does indeed require a certain type of concentration. Real Time Gaming Aces & Eights Multihand lets you customise your table by adjusting your screen size and the gamer play speed. Player Options button are located under the menu tab for you to make any adjustments you want. This game certainly lets you go big with real money.

Aces & Eights Multihand is so popular online, and presents so many winning chances, that many casinos offer huge welcome bonuses to beginning players. This game can also be played for free at Real Time Gaming casinos.