Meerkat Mayhem Casino Slots Online

An Introduction to Meerkat Mayhem Slots Online

Meerkat Mayhem online slots is powered by Micrograming. This simple and standard online slots game is a 5 reel, 30 payline slots game. There are many comical meerkat characters bouncing around the screen as a player lands on any winning combination. There are a few wilds and scatter symbols throughout the game with few additional bonus features. The wild symbol stands out as different in comparison to other online slots games which adds variety to the mix. The simplicity of this game speaks to players of all statures looking for a relaxed experience.

Meerkat Mayhem Look and Feel

This ‘mayhem’ filled online slots game is inundated with many different meerkat characters. Online players can expect to see pirate meerkats, viking meerkats, cowboy meerkats, ballerina meerkats, pilots, snorkelers and wizard meerkats, amongst others.

Set against a dull brick wall, bright blue reels pop off the screen each showcasing a different meerkat character. Amongst it all is a devilish meerkat sitting on his throne watching and waiting for a winning combination to come about. The colours are bright and colourful and the movement across the screen is typical of most other online slots, with payouts lining up from left to right.

The sound effects are standard with a meerkat jingle running in the background; each time a player lands on a winning combination the meerkat characters involved in the win dance around in celebration.

Meerkat Mayhem Internet Slot Image

Payouts and Betting Options

This 5 reel, 30 payline online slots game works just about the same as most others other than the wild card function that activates 5 random cards and converts them all into wilds.

Like in some iPad pokies Australia available now, there is an auto play option which the player can set at the right betting amount, or the game can be played at will, changing the stakes at every spin. Coin values start from 0.01 to a maximum bid of 10.00. To win a total a jackpot of 300 coins the spin would have to land on 3 cowboy meerkats in the same line.

The scatter symbol, the king or queen meerkat, multiplies the players bet. Three king or queen scatter symbols will multiply the paylines bet by 2 times, 4 scatter symbols multiply by 3 times, and 5 scatter symbols multiplies the payline by a maximum of 5 times.

The wild sybmbol, the devilish meerkat, only transforms certain meerkat symbols into wilds and those include the pilot meerkat, the sunbather meerkat, the snorkeler, the mariachi meerkat and the moped meerkat.

Wilds, Scatter Symbols and Bonuses

There are many meerkat symbols across the game and many of these characters can double up and feature as wilds, 7 in total to be precise. The scatter symbol is the meerkat king or queen.

There aren’t many additional bonuses in the Meerkat Mayhem online slots game. One that can be noted though is the devil meerkat that throws fireballs at the screen converting 5 meerkat symbols into wilds, forming a winning combination, this happens at random and there is no way to edge this on.