A Guide to Playing Boom Brothers Online Slot Game

Boom Brothers from Net Entertainment is a 5 reel and 20 payline online slots game. This game is based on a story of 3 dwarf brothers that are on an adventure to excavate as many diamonds and gold as possible in the gloomy mining undergrounds.

There are wild symbols, scatters, as well as 2nd chance features that provide players with more than enough chances at setting up winning combinations. The jackpot is set at 7 500 coins with the second highest payout averaging around 2 000 coins in total.

Boom Brothers Look and Feel

The Boom Brothers game is based on a story of 3 brother dwarfs that have set out on an adventure looking to bring back bags of treasure. As you enter the game you will be welcomed with a short video introduction to familiarise yourself with the theme and story line, and shortly thereafter you’ll be directed to the reels.

The symbols of course are mining related and each one of them stands out against the hazy blue and grey background of the underground mines. The sounds effects are great in the intro but tone down quite a big whilst playing the game. As the reels spin you’ll hear metal on metal as mining carts are making their way through the mine on railway tracks. Winning combinations are met with an average congratulatory jingle, and when special features including the wild symbol is activated this video slot comes alive with one of the relative dwarf brothers makes an appearance to either throw a bomb in your direction or some other comical gesture.

How to Play the Game

Boom Brothers just like many other video slots at https://gamblingca.net, is played in pretty much the same way. The idea is to end up with 2 or more matching symbols on the reels from which you will win a set payout. The more matching symbols are displayed the more the payout will be.

The wild symbol in this game is the bomb symbol. This symbol will have the power to substitute any other symbol on your board to create a winning combination match.

The scatter symbol is displayed as the free spins symbol as well as the railtrack symbol. 3 or more free spin scatter symbols enables the free spin bonus feature where a random amount of free spins will be rewarded to you. The railtrack scatter symbol is activated by landing on reels 1, 3 and 5. The symbols line up to form a railway track and you will then need to spin to get the last 2 reels to land on a railtrack symbol to form a bridge from one side to the other. If you complete the railtrack bridge you will be rewarded with a 4x multiplier. This also activates the Boom Brothers bonus feature which the dwarf brothers will take part in a race in mining carts to blast through a rock face, you will then also receive a bonus prize.

There is also a second chance feature that is activated randomly throughout the game where one of the dwarf brothers pops up on the screen to throw explosives on the reels in favour of winning combinations.

Mining Symbols

The symbols you can expect to see on the reels include the 3 dwarfs, Boom Brother Oliver, Boom Brother Jack, Boom Brother Austin, a mechanical robot, a mining lamp, a mining pick, a mining pail, and a mining helmet.

The wild symbol is the bomb, and the scatters symbols are the free spins as well as the railtrack symbols.