Play Irish Gold Online Slots

Irish Gold Online Slots

The Irish Gold online slots game is a basic slots game at crazy luck casino with very simple graphics and winning combinations. The usual Irish suspects can be founded lurking around the design, no frills, no thrills but still offers the opportunity to hit winning combinations.

This is a 3 reel, 5 payline online slots game that offers stock standard Play n’ Go game play. The payout ratio when playing on just one payline is around 95% and increases the more paylines are selected to play on.

Loads of Irish Effects

Play n’ Go have ensured that this simple online slots game carries the full Irish experience. As one would expect there are tons of Irish symbols that make an appearance on the Irish Gold online slots game. The backdrop is simply laid out to showcase a bright blue sky, lush green grass and of course a lucky rainbow. The symbols of course include the common bar symbol, the leprechaun, the pot of the gold and the four-leafed clover.

As the game pans out the background music is an Irish-sounding tune, and on every match and winning combination that players land on an even more joyful Irish tune plays to cheer the player on.

The Irish Gold Experience

Playing Irish Gold online slots is one of the most simple slots games to play. The option is there to choose how many paylines players would like to play with, as well as an option to set the amount of coins the player would like to play with for each spin. The more paylines are selected the more chance there is of hitting a winning combination. The minimum coin value is set at 0.25 and the maximum at 5.00 coins. There is also an autoplay option which allows players to set their limits and the game will play itself until a winning combination has been matched.

The Wild Multiplier

As simple as this game is, at least it still has a wild multiplier. The wild symbol in the Irish Gold online slots game is the sparkling pot of gold. If a winning combination includes a pot of gold wild, the player’s winnings are increased by 5 times its original payout amount. If the wild symbol is showcased twice in a winning combination then players can expect payouts of up to 25 times the original amount. The more pots of gold are made available, the more the payout is alongside the winning combination.

The pot of gold symbol also plays the part of the jackpot symbol. If a player lands with a row of 3 pots of gold on the first payline then the player will win a jackpot of 2 500 coins, if it lands on the second payline then the player is rewarded with 3 000 coins, third line awards 3 500 coins, fourth line awards 4 000 coins and finally if the row of 3 pots of gold land on the fifth payline then the payout will be a massive 5 000 coins.