Taking a Look at the Procedure of Lottery Payouts at Casinos

It is well known that national lotteries can have enormous jackpot payouts, sometimes ranging in the tens of millions. But the chances of getting the jackpot are, as is also well known, extremely small, with odds of about one in fourteen million. Of course guessing all six numbers is not required to get a payout of at least some amount, and depending on the lottery, a bonus number is used plus different combinations of correctly guessed standard numbers.

A player may get a small payout for having just two numbers, plus the bonus ball, and a substantial amount for four numbers and the bonus ball. It is also interesting to note that even if a player gets all six numbers, the jackpot lottery payouts amount is not paid in one large lump sum. Instead an initial amount is paid, after which the remaining sum is paid over a number of years. There are a number of variations of lottery games found in casinos, which give far better odds of winning then national lotteries.

Casino Lotteries

Casinos have a wide variety of lotteries available, using different rules that make the game far more likely to payout. For example, casino lotteries may allow players to select far more then only six numbers, as many as sixteen in some cases, and may allow the player to place individual bets per number selected. Plus, the selection of numbers from which to choose may be greater, or less, than the amount offered in national lotteries.

As an example, online casinos may allow players to select sixteen numbers, and put a higher bet on groups of the numbers, ten of them perhaps. If any of these ten numbers come up, the player is paid out per correct number, and may win even if only getting gone number correct. The player may also make combination bets, with different groups of numbers all having a specific bet placed on them. In this case the traditional game known as lottery, and a very similar game called Keno here, are one and the same.

Free Lottery Payouts

Many casinos give free attempts at the lottery as bonus prizes. In some cases these are given to VIP players as a reward for that player remaining loyal to the casino. In other cases free lottery attempts are given if a player hits a jackpot at another game, or gets a substantial win on a slot machine. In all cases, however, lottery payouts at casinos are always carefully calculated, and although still far more generous then national lotteries, the amounts won are generally of a modest amount.

Most casino jackpot lottery payouts are generally not even a tenth as valuable as a national lottery. Given that national lotteries often sell tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of tickets a week, and a casino is working only with a few hundred people, this is understandable. Casino progressive jackpots, on the other hand, often have a value far greater then a national lottery jackpot, but may only pay out as little as once every two or three years. Either way, where jackpot prizes of millions are on offer, a player can expect to have little chance of winning it.