Start Playing A Much More Relaxed Version Of Poker And Win

Video poker is one of those rare games, which don’t have the capability of maintaining house edge. It gives you a chance to play poker without competing with the other players and clear absence of the dealer gives you with just about everything you will need to have the best chances of winning. As tempting as it might sound when compared to regular poker sessions, it still isn’t that easy to win at video poker either. If you were curious enough to search the Internet for strategies and systems that could be applied you might account thousands of charts, tables and different systems that could be used.

Don’t hope for the things that might not be there

If you have a low pair, don’t bother keeping the extra high card, hoping that you would be able to hit up a high pair. Keeping a single high card with a low pair automatically decreases your chance of drawing a high pair by 5%, so you should be sure to avoid this kind of practice, even though you might be hoping that that high pair is eventually going to come up when you draw. Also, if you already managed to find your way to a flush, don’t break it up in the middle of your session for a chance of obtaining a higher payoff hand. This might not exactly even happen, so if you estimate that there are no chances that you will be able to draw any cards leading to the royal flush or straight flush, you should hold on to what you have and cash out. This might not seem like the most wonderful options in terms of payouts, but at least you won’t end up losing.

You can’t beat the odds

What most of the people who suggested you to use the systems won’t tell you, is that there is in the system or strategy that allows you to actually break the game and have a 100% chance of winning every time. Sure, there could be some sort of software that can hack into the current session and calculate exactly the odds of you getting the royal flush, but those are illegal and they don’t count as a player strategy. You can actually follow the advice that relates to the game until you master everything there is about it and therefore raise your chances of winning more often.

Always practice first

Even if you do start learning strategies and systems hoping that you be able to apply them to your latest session of video poker, you would be advised not to use any of them for real money until you are entirely confident that it will be able to work for you. Fortunately, you can test out all of your strategies and practice them for a long time by using a lot of the free games the casinos provide. You will be able to find and play video poker & Australian online pokies for free, and while you might not be exactly thrilled since there is no money involved, this is still the safest way for you to practice any kind of a strategy you might have developed or learned much like when you try free spins at online slots Canada casinos.


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