Best Way to Feed My Casino Kitty

One of the most important aspect of playing casino games for real money online is finding a payment method that is convenient, reliable, and secure. Of course, that payment method also needs to be accepted by players’ preferred casino.

There are several great online casino payment methods available to players in Canada. However, players should be aware that not all of them can be used for withdrawals.

If players intend to withdraw money from their casino account, they should check that their chosen payment method can also be used for withdrawals, or they should find a withdrawal method that they are comfortable using.

The payment methods listed below are generally secure, but players should never rely on that alone for their protection. Players should also check that the banking service of the casino at which they want to play slots, table games, card games, and speciality games is protected by the latest 128-bit SSL data encryption technology.

Credit Cards as a Casino Payment Method

Credit cards make a great online casino payment method. The best casinos that accept players from Canada accept at least major brands such as MasterCard and Visa, although some accept other brands as well.

Players usually have the option of registering their credit card with their casino.

This stores some of the players’ card information in their accounts, so they will not need to submit the same information, such as card number, cardholder name, and expiry date, every time they make a deposit. However, they will need to submit the security code each time, as that is not stored.

Online casinos usually charge a small card real money casino gambling transaction processing fee, but banks will not charge anything above and beyond the regular monthly interest.

e-Wallets for Online Casino Payments

e-Wallets are a great online casino payment method that are very popular among players in Canada. Brands such as Neteller and Skrill are convenient to use, and they are secure.

e-Wallets are electronic payment services. They allow players to create an online account that functions as a wallet or purse.

The account is linked to players’ bank accounts, so players can transfer money between the two. The e-wallet can then be used as a payment method, and many casinos also accept them as a withdrawal method.

When making a deposit at Canadian Casino Online, players will be prompted to log in to their e-wallet and select the Pay Now button. There is no need to submit PIN numbers, codes, or anything like that.

Prepaid Cards and Online Casino Payments

Prepaid cards are a preferred payment method of players who do not feel comfortable using a credit card or e-wallet. One reason for this is that prepaid cards offer a certain amount of anonymity, and there is absolutely no chance of them being hacked by fraudsters.

Another reason some players consider them a great online casino payment method is because they are easily obtained from vendors throughout Canada. Each card comes with a code that players need to submit when making a payment at a casino.

Prepaid cards cannot be used to make withdrawals from casino accounts.

Online Casino Payments with Instant Banking

Some players think that instant banking is a great online casino payment method. It basically sees players link their online bank account to their casino, and allows them to transfer funds directly from one to the other.

It is secure, but doesn’t allow players as much privacy as some other methods. It can also take longer for deposits and withdrawals to be processed.

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