Learn How to Play Roulette at Online Casinos

Players who are ready to start putting a little extra money in the bank and have fun while doing that should seriously consider learning how to play roulette. Thanks to how simple the game is, a big reason for its long-term popularity, almost anyone can get the basics covered far more quickly than they may have imagined. Players are further able to enjoy games in free or demo versions of the game until they are 100% sure that they have all their bases covered and are ready to start betting with real money.

Tips for Anyone Looking to Get Started

  • When learning how to play online slots Australia it is vital that prospective participants are aware of all of the rules which govern the game. Different variations of the game have different rules governing them, so players must ensure that they are aware of these before putting any money down
  • Players’ odds are better when they bet on more than one number. Combination, or combo-, bets; red and black; and odd and even bets are the recommended ones for beginner-players
  • Players are advised to not place too much importance on learning the various strategies available when learning how to play roulette –while investigating them will do no harm, it is important to remember that none will be foolproof, and gambling lies at the heart of all of the action. There are tips that may prove to be useful, but overall a thorough understanding of the game and its rules is the only manner to be successful when playing any type of casino game

Understanding the Roulette Wheel and Its Workings

The first thing that a player will notice when he or she sits down to start learning how to play roulette is the wheel belonging to the game. It will feature 38 different numbers if players are taking part in the American version of the game, with pockets labelled from one through to 36 accompanying a single zero slot and a double zero slot. European variations feature only 37 numbers, with no double zero appearing, and this version favours the players’ odds slightly. The numbers are not listed in a consecutive manner, and appear out of sequence, and, further, alternate between black and red pockets, with the exception of the zeros, which will be green.

The Board Featuring Bets for Roulette Games

When players learn how to play roulette, particular care should be taken to ensure that they understand the roulette board, since this is where the bets for play will be displayed. The numbers on the wheel will be replicated on the board, but, instead of being non-consecutive, they will be listed in order. These will appear from left to right, and will be separated into three different columns. Betting on a number requires players to simply deposit his or her chips directly onto the number, displayed virtually in online casinos and on a flat felt surface in land-based places to play.

The beginner-friendly bets that are encouraged for those learning how to play roulette encompass a range of wagers, including those which will cover the first dozen numbers; the second; or the third, and betting on any one of the three columns in their entirely.