European Roulette Gold

European Roulette Gold by Microgaming in Review

European Roulette Gold is part of Microgaming’s Gold Series of table games, and one of the most respected games in the studio’s extensive library. The Gold Series has updated several Microgaming offerings, and their European Roulette game is better for it.

Graphics and sounds in particular were significantly overhauled, and the mechanics of the game have been made much smoother as well. The rules of the games have remained exactly the same, which ensures continuity for returning players, and they are simple enough for novices to learn quickly. European Roulette Gold should appeal to all levels of players, no matter how much experience they have.

Game Design, Look and Feel

European Roulette Gold is visually impressive, and its Microgaming designers have tried to make it as similar to land-based games as possible. The table and the wheel are very well rendered, allowing players to imagine that they are seated at a real life table.

The clear visuals also make it easy to see exactly where the ball comes to rest, which is essential during games. The background music is evocative of a land-based establishment, and the realistic sound effects of the ball and the wheel moving will take players further into the game. Clever animations make it easy for players to see the bets they have placed on the table as well.

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Basic Function and Game Play

Microgaming has made several features customisable with this game, allowing players to personalise their experiences. The game can be played through downloaded and installed casinos, or directly through web browsers, depending on what suits a player’s preferences and system specifications better. Busy players can set the game to Auto Play as well, so that they can carry on with the rest of their lives as they are spinning and winning European Roulette games.

It’s possible to wager anything from 1 to 160 credits as well, meaning the budget of any player can be accommodated, and easily available stats help players to keep track of their Roulette activity. For those players who are still getting to grips with the game and want to practice before putting any money down, it’s also possible to play the game in a no-deposit Practice Play mode.

In keeping with the game’s strict authenticity, the same 7.2% House Edge that land-based European games feature has been replicated with 1 green-coloured panel labelled 0 and 36 others labelled 1 to 36 and coloured alternately in black and red. Having only 1 green panel, rather than the additional one marked 00 that is seen in American Roulette, keeps the House Edge lower and tips the odds in players’ favour a little more.

Players can choose from the usual Red Splits, Black Splits and Zero Game bets, as well as Neighbour Bets, each with their own maximum betting limitations. A Neighbour Bet is a straight-up number bet, predicting the numbers that will be alongside the panel that the ball actually lands in, and players can bet on up to 9 options. It’s also possible to place call bets, where players call out their intentions rather than physically clicking on their pieces and moving them.

Growing Satisfaction

Playing European Roulette Gold is enjoyable from the very beginning, but the more time players spend on it, the deeper their understanding and appreciation will be. The different Roulette strategies that can be applied are easily accessed and learnt online, so developing skills and tactics is convenient as well.