Watch the Balls Drop in Your Favour with Pachinko!

If you’ve ever been to Japan you’d most certainly have spotted one of the many Pachinko Parlours that can be found on just about every street. In recent years this exciting game has moved online and players can now enjoy mobile Pachinko at a number of top rated casinos.

Pachinko is practically a national pastime in Japan and historians believe that it is a descendent of a similar game that has its origins in Chicago in the USA. In the 1920’s Pachinko started emerging in Japan and the first exclusive gaming hall was opened in the Osaka Prefecture. Over the years the popularity of Pachinko grew enormously and it’s now being enjoyed by players across the globe.

Pachinko is derived from the Japanese word ‘pachi-pachi’, whose meaning relates to the sound fire makes when crackling, or when small objects clink together. When you play mobile Pachinko you’ll quickly discover that this name is quite apt as it describes the sounds the balls make as they move around.

How to Play Mobile Pachinko

Mobile Pachinko is easy to play and it’s just as enjoyable as its online and land-based counterpart, only it’s more convenient and easily accessible. To begin, you’ll need to choose how many balls you wish to purchase and the cost per ball, and when you receive your winnings this will affect how much you are paid out.

The objective of Pachinko is to gain more balls than when you started and there are many elements to a game that not only increase the number of balls gained, but also add value to them with bonuses and other special features. Once you have purchased your balls you’ll launch them from the top of the screen and they’ll fall down across the table, those balls that go out of play are lost but those that land in special pockets or trigger additional balls’ release will add to your winnings similar to real money pokies online NZ games. The games also incorporate a slots element and there’s the chance of free spins to increase the number of balls you have in play.

Mobile Pachinko is a great slot and pinball game combination and it can be very rewarding, especially if you purchase a large number of balls at a time. The games are relatively quick and this lends itself to the mobile platform perfectly as you can turn every free minute into one that’s action packed and full of fun.

Mobile Pachinko at its Prime

Pachinko has old fashioned slots feel to it, but it looks like a pinball machine minus the paddles. During play a multitude of Pachinko balls are dropped down onto the vertical table and they can either multiply by performing certain actions, or roll off the table and out of the game.

Mobile Pachinko games have been optimised for play on a vast number of handheld devices including iPhone, iPad, Windows, Android and Blackberry smartphones and tablets. The games all feature their own unique, vibrantly coloured backdrops and themes and are visually stunning. The layouts are similar to that of a pinball table and many of the graphics are based on arcade style elements, giving you the chance to indulge in a gorgeous gaming experience on the go.


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