Understanding Bingo without the Risk

There are plenty of free Australian online bingo games that are available to be played a number of ways. Many of Australia’s online bingo halls offer both new and seasoned bingo players a variety of free Australian online bingo games as a marketing ploy to gain new players and keep the frequent players coming back.

Types of Free Bingo Game Play

The free Australian online bingo games for new bingo players are offered in the form of free tickets which are automatically selected by the online site. No deposit bonuses allow players to begin playing bingo games before making any real money deposits. Free play bonuses provide players with a certain amount of free games and there are many more other ways the new players can play bingo games for free. Existing bingo players may be offered one or two hours of free game play per day at the various online bingo halls. The way in which the free Australian online bingo games are played entirely depends on the online bingo hall and what their offerings are.

Various Versions of Free Bingo Games

Many of the Australian online bingo halls allow the players to make their own selection when it comes to choosing which of the free Australian online bingo games they wish to play. Some of the more popular choices include the 90 ball bingo games, the 75 ball bingo games, the 80 ball bingo games and team bingo games.

90 ball bingo offers one line, two lines and full house winning patterns that can be marked off on a three by nine grid. Each row has five random numbers from one to ninety and four empty blocks. 75 ball bingo offers many ways to make winning patterns which can be anything from horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines to shapes of numbers, letters or other items. The 75 ball bingo grid is set out on five rows and five columns with all blocks, except the middle one, containing random numbers from one to seventy five. The 80 ball bingo game features a four by four grid displaying numbers from one to eighty. The winning patterns include the usual one, two or three lines and a full house. Team bingo games are played in an online community with online interaction between the players.

Benefits of Free Bingo Games

Australia’s online bingo halls offer free bingo games and bonuses as incentives to allow players to spend the time enjoying the game and to see how favourable the idea of winning money while playing a game is. This entices players to continue and eventually make real money deposits which is both beneficial for the online site and the player. The free Australian online bingo games are designed for Australian players to use the time to better understand and learn all aspects of the bingo games. The aim is to gain as many frequent players as possible as the more real money deposits made, the more money the sites makes and therefore more money can be won in any of the bingo games. Australian bingo players may also have the chance to win real money prizes during the free game play.


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