Craps for Beginners – The Ultimate Guide for Players

Craps is a beautiful online casino game for any Canadian gambler to have a broad and deep understanding of. This is because craps offers some of the greatest odds in the online gambling world. Gamblers that are unfamiliar with this particular casino game may be a little drawn back when they first enter the game as this specific casino game is very fast paced and gamblers that want to win big will need to pay attention to every roll of the dice. In this article, we will look at some of the rules involved in craps as well as how Canadian gamblers looking to win big online can make use of this exciting casino game to do so.

How to play

So, let’s begin, how can Canadian gamblers play this casino game. In one sentence, craps is a casino game where you roll the dice and get a number, you then try and roll the dice again and get the same number. This is the basis of craps, but in reality it is slightly more difficult than that. So lets explain:

The come-out

This is the first roll, where the gambler will push the button to roll the dice. This is where the gambler will get the number that they would aim for on the second roll, otherwise known as the point

Popular betting types

Pass line bets are bets that will allow the gambler to win on their first roll if they throw a seven or an eleven. This bet will lose if this first throw is a two, a three or a twelve. With craps you have more options for winning similar to if you placed an online betting option these days.

A don’t pass line bet is the opposite of a pass line bet and will win if the first roll is a two or a three, but will lose if it is a seven or an eleven. All bets need to be placed before the shooter rolls the dice and if the bettor does not hit a seven, eleven, two, three or twelve depending on the bet type, the number that they did roll will then become the point and the second roll should aim to reach the same value.

This is the basics of craps betting, however in the real online betting world there are so many more options for any Canadian Gambler to make use of in order to win bigger and better when gambling online.

The point

The point is the second roll of the dice, a gambler will want to have this roll match their first roll, which sounds easy enough, but the thing that makes craps so exciting is that depending on the bet that has been placed, this roll can have a curveball, for example if you roll a seven then the bet is lost, but if you roll a two or a three you could win.

Betting types

Craps has many different types of bets available that make either the first or second roll more interesting and any gambler that wants to make use of the top online craps sites in Canada will be able to easily read up about the different types of bets that can be made when they log on to play this fast paced and exciting casino game.