Best Online Sports Betting Apps

Seeking the Best Online Sports Betting App

In the same way that the Internet completely revolutionised the entire gaming industry, from casinos and bingo halls to sports betting, the advances in tablet and smart phone technology are once again revolutionising online wagering. With computing power to rival laptops and desktop, mobile devices can now offer high-quality graphics and sound, exciting animations and real-time results.

Best of all, punters doing their mobile betting sites can put a bet on any contest they like, wherever the fancy takes them, at any time. They no longer have to hang around in betting shops or at home in front of their computer; all their sports betting can be done with a few swipes and taps from anywhere, even if they’re in the middle of other activities. With this in mind, let us examine some of the criteria to use when choosing the best online sports betting app.

Availability and Convenience the First App Consideration

Some punters don’t want to download sports betting apps at all, and they can still do all of their betting one certain sites directly via their browsers. However, many others find dedicated sports betting apps to be quick and convenient.

The first criteria to consider when trying to identify the best apps are availability and convenience. Is it available on the punter’s preferred software, whether that be the iOS or Android platform? How quickly does it download, and how much memory does it monopolise on the device? And considering that the punter will be using it to wager real money, the app had better be free to download.

Some Top Betting Apps

There are lots of online sports betting apps to choose from, and finding the right one is up to the punter, through their own research. However, three of the most popular, which consistently get four or five out of five stars in reviews and are backed by established, reputable online sports betting sites, are the Bet365 app, the BetVictor app and the Intertops app.

Some Other Considerations

Security is always a concern when wagering online, so any decent sports betting app needs to take care of that aspect, too. Encryption and password protocols must be strong enough to protect both the punter’s bank accounts and their transactions with the sports betting site. It is a good idea to try apps from betting sites that already have established land-based businesses with a solid reputation, as they will more assuredly take app security seriously, in the interests of protecting that reputation.

The choice of app is also influenced by the specific betting site behind it. Different sports betting sites focus on different sports, and in different detail. Some sites have a large range of sports, but only offer betting on the most notable competitions. Others specialise in a smaller range of sports, but a larger range of contests within each category. The right balance is very much a matter of personal taste, which is why rating the best online sports betting app is such a subjective process.